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Still many Indian Bettors are reluctant to bet online either for the reason of ignorance or they feel that there local bookies are doing good for them. Today only i was talking to one of my Facebook Follower and he said that he is still stick with the local bookie who takes his money and use the same for betting. I asked him not to do that anymore as that is not legal in India and it may create problem in the future.

He asked me what to do to start betting online? He said how he will deposit his money to online sportsbook websites? how he will bet? can he use his Indian bank Accounts for Online Betting, Will it be leagal if he bet online? and some other related questions.

I answerd all his questions which is as below:-

To start Betting Online:
1. You need to open an e-wallet such as Neteller or Moneybookers (Which I highly recommend - Your Money will be 100% safe).

2. You Need to open India friendly Betting websites such as, Dafabet, 888sport or any others which i have listed above. (These are reliable websites)

3. You should have an Indian Bank Account (Preferably with ICICI Bank) better to have its Debit and Credit Card.

The above 3 things are must to start betting online, with the use of Indian bank you need to deposit to e-wallets and then from e-wallets you can transfer the funds to any and many online betting sites instantly without any delay. With the use of e-wallet you can do multiple bet (placing bets on many sportsbook at a time) and also in in-play betting (betting after the game starts).

Few people contacted me and started saying that they are unable to upload the funds using there cards to Neteller Account and therefore they and unable to bet so for that purpose i have made a fresh page for those who are facing such problems, you can read that on this page: Indian Banks which are Neteller Friendly.